Welcome to the online home of Chandler’s Ford Herbs and Acupuncture Centre. We are fully qualified Traditional Chinese Medical acupuncturists and herbalists who are able to treat many different diseases.  We are based in Chandler’s Ford, serving Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, Winchester, Romsey, Southampton and surrounding areas. We have practiced Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for over 30 years and set up Chandler’s Ford Chinese Acupuncture Center in Chandler’s Ford in 2006 and have successfully treated many patients. Our patients have included doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. We treat many diseases and specialize in infertility, pain management, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, IBS, skin conditions, immune and auto-immune disorders, gynaecological disorders and digestive disorders. We pledge to you our dedication to top quality medical excellence.



Acupuncture is an effective, natural and increasingly popular form of health care that is being used by people from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds. Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into specific sites (acupuncture points) along the body’s meridians to clear energy blockages and encourage the normal flow of “Qi” (life energy) through the individual and further affect biochemical activities. These biochemical changes can stimulate natural healing abilities in the body and promote physical and emotional well-being.

Cupping, Acupressure and Tuina

Cupping involves creating suction on the skin using glass, ceramic, bamboo, or plastic cups. Negative pressure is created in the cup leads to improved blood flow, removal of toxins, restored neuroendocrine balance, improved oxygen supply, and tissue perfusion. Acupressure has a similar effect to acupuncture but using the hands rather than needles. Tuina can be used to improve circulation, relax muscles and adjust joint position.

Herb Medicine

Chinese Herbs use mainly plant flowers, seeds, leaves, stems and roots to treat and prevent illness and establish a feeling of well-being. They have being used in China for more than two thousand years, but they have been largely unexplored outside China and other Asian countries until a few decades ago. The usage of these herbs are based on each individual patient’s clinical condition. More and more scientific and pharmacological evidence are supporting the effectiveness of Chinese Herb Medicine.

    Price List

  • Registration first time: £10
  • First session consultation fee: £30 (no consultation fees afterwards)
  • Acupuncture:  £45 for each session (Including Tuina, electric stimulation, cupping if they are needed for certain condition)
  • First acupuncture session lasts for about 1 hour
  • Subsequent sessions last for about 45 mins 
  • Discount available for booking an entire course of treatment. 
  • Herbal products: herb tablets and herb powders cost £10 per bottle or bag